Post-Op After Care

For many of our Post-op aftercare clients, liposuction is the most effective treatment option to reduce unwanted fat deposits and trim and contour the waist. If you elected to have liposuction and would like for Tighten Body Bar to help you on your journey to recovery. It is essential to follow your surgeon’s in-depth postoperative care instructions. Considering that recovery from abdominal liposuction can vary from person to person. At Tighten Body Bar, we help our clients to optimize their best results. We offer MLD manual lymphatic drainage. We do not use needles or syringes to drain our clients. We assist with cavitation and ensure our clients are wearing the proper garments for each stage of their recovery along with proper sizing. Our Lymphatic massage starts generally be recommended when bleeding have stopped.


  1. decreases swelling,
  2. bruising, and fibrosis (scar tissue formation). 
  3. Lymphatic massage decreases recovery time and improves results.