Vip Membership

$399 per month (no minimum or maximum) on service listed below.
* Em Sculpt NEO 
* Lipo Melt Each 
* Tighten Sculpt
How can I qualify for this membership?

To qualify, just sign up and join. Once you have joined Tighten Body Bar Gold Membership Program Start Tightening Up and save today!

What if I want to apply it to multiple areas?

We’d love to treat multiple areas for you!  Your discounted rates of 50% off for additional areas.  

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Our membership is a 3-month commitment. Once those 3 months have passed you have the option to renew. If you choose not to renew, we’d love to hear from you why you chose not to renew and your feedback on how we can improve!

How does your membership work?

Once enrolled, you have unlocked discounted rates for the Emsculpt NEO, Lipo Melt, and Tighten Sculpt. It is a $399/month membership. Instead of paying the retail price for treatments, you now pay the discounted rate and reap the benefits while saving!

Can my friends or family use my membership?

Each membership is customized to each client’s needs. Memberships can only be used by the person who is enrolled. If your friends or family are interested, have them give us a call or stop by! We’d love to get them started on their own Tighten Body Bar journey and reap the benefits!

What if I have an emergency and need to cancel?

For emergency circumstances please call us at 404-662-3269 so we can speak further. We do require written documentation for urgent situations that prompt you toward cancellation. Cancellation requests are approved or denied at Tighten Body Bar’s discretion.

VIP Membership Details
* 3 months contract term. Billed monthly. 
*$399 unlimited treatments a month 50% off all services Maximum 
  * Per Treatment (No Minimum or Maximum) 50% off All Services and 20% off products. 
* $25 Enrollment Fee 
* 3 Month Membership required
* After 3 months a 30-day Cancellation notice is required.
* 50% Discount on other services
* 20% Discount on merchandise
* Private Room Bookings
* Priority Booking
Earn a session when you refer friends & family who obtain services or sign up for their own memberships.  
Refer a Friend and Earn 
Tighten Body Bar Policy applies to members as well.